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Company History

About Seiberling

Seiberling Associates, Inc. is an engineering and technical consulting company providing process, clean in place (CIP) and steam in place (SIP) design and automation services to the Food, Dairy, Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries.  Founded in 1976, we have built long term relationships with clients by developing innovative, automated and cost effective engineering solutions for clean and sterile process operations. The extensive process and automation experience of our staff enables Seiberling to understand the needs of our client and their project partners, so we can tailor our services to achieve the unique goals of each individual project.

We offer engineering services from concept through commissioning to properly integrate Process, Clean in Place and Steam in Place operations to ensure:

  • A clean, aseptic and/or sterile process with a practical degree of automation
  • The exclusion of competitive or contaminating organisms
  • Reliable removal of process soils and chemical solutions
  • Containment of potent compounds and allergens
  • Enforcement of Biosafety level protections